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Error Message Troubleshooting Tips

1. Error message: Swap Failed. Your browser is blocking popups; please disable this blocker before retrying.

   Fix: Allow pop-ups for the HumbleSwap website.

2. Issue: Error message does not go away

   Fix: You need to manually close the error message. This is to assure you have time to read the message.

Screenshot from 2022-03-29 07-54-30

3. Issue: You have a lot of assets in your account! We have only fetched some of them to minimize strain on your bandwidth. You can fetch additional assets when swapping or creating a pool.

   Fix: This is more of a note than a warning and it's just to let you know that we weren't able to load all your assets into our token selector but that you can still bring them in by pasting their IDs into the token selector.

Screenshot from 2022-03-10 15-32-42

4. Error message: The connected wallet has already created 10 apps. Please connect a wallet that has created less than 10 apps.

   Fix: Algorand has in place a limit that prevents a wallet from creating more then ten apps, so to get past this error you will have to use a different wallet that hasn't already created ten apps.

5. Error Message: Swap failed. Your funds were safely returned to your account. Slippage error: the amount returned would have been below the minimum you were expected to receive.

   Fix: This error occurred because the amount you would have received is less than your slippage tolerance. If you are okay with the possibility of receiving less, then you can increase your slippage percentage.

6. Error Message: Swap failed. Your funds were safely returned to your account. You must maintain a minimum of at least 1.5 ALGO.

   Fix:  Make sure that you have more than your minimum balance of ALGO in your wallet so that you may swap, deposit, create pools, and withdraw on        HumbleSwap.


7. Error Message: Failed to publish pool to HumbleSwap. Please contact support.

   Fix:  This happens when the last transaction when creating a pool fails. However, do not be concerned, your funds are still safe in the created pool it's just that your pool hasn't been listed on HumbleSwap. Contact support, send them your account address, and they'll get your pool listed.

Screenshot from 2022-03-03 13-31-32

8. Error Message: Swap/Deposit/Withdraw failed.

   Fix:  These errors are rare cases. To better assist you in resolving this, please report this as a bug with the steps needed to recreate the error.