How to Swap

Token swapping is a simple way to trade one token for another. It's easy to swap: pick one token to input and then select a token for output. When you select two tokens to swap, the protocol calculates how much of the token you will receive relative to the token you put in. Once executed, the swap will deposit the output token directly to your wallet.

When you swap tokens, you are accessing the Pools, which hold balances of the two tokens and also enforce rules around deposits and withdrawals. The rule is the standard constant product formula, x * y = k, where any token withdrawal must be in proportion to the other token deposits in order to maintain the constant, k.

1. First, Connect your Wallet to HumbleSwap

2. Click the Connect button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Select Wallet Provider window appears:


3. Go through the process of authorizing the HumbleSwap application with your wallet.

4. Once your wallet is connected, click the Swap button

5. Now use the "Select a Token" selector, the first option, and select a token to swap from the list. 

6. If you don't see your token listed, you can search by Name or ASA ID:

7. Repeat the process for the 2nd selector, Swap To, and then you should fill in the amounts that you wish to swap and then click Swap Tokens

8. Once you click Swap Tokens a confirmation box will display, where you can either Confirm or Cancel the swap:

9. Your wallet will now ask you to sign the transaction, and when it is complete you should see the total amounts in your wallet after the swap completes along with a green Swap Completed message.