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Incentivized Testnet Yield Farming FAQ

What is the Incentivized Yield Farm?

The incentivized testnet farm is a yield farm available in Humble's Staging environment, where users can stake their tokens in the ALGO/USDC pair. The rewards will be distributed in Reach ALGOs (rALGO).

This farm will be live at testnet.humbleswap.com from June 7th to June 10th. It will distribute 1000 testnet rALGOs in reward in total during this period.

Once the farm is closed, the rewards received by testers can be exchanged for mainnet ALGOs as a thank you for helping us test.

How does the Incentivized Yield Farm work?

Users must be in possession of testnet USDC and testnet ALGOs (be sure to use the official testnet USDC: ASA ID 10458941). They must obtain tokens from the ALGO/USDC token pair in our liquidity pool. Then, they will be able to stake the ALGO/USDC farm in the Humble staging environment.

After the farm closes, the Humble community, through its media channels such as Twitter, Discord, and Telegram, will announce a wallet address for recipients to submit their testnet rewards. We will account for these rewards and return the same amount in mainnet ALGOs.

How to join the Incentivized Yield Farm?

The liquidity pool and the yield farm will be available at testnet.humbleswap.com and can be used by any user who accesses the app through this address.

How do I get testnet tokens for stake?








How to exchange my testnet rewards for mainnet ALGOs?

  1. The tester user will stake in the ALGO/USDC farm.

  2. The user will receive rewards in rALGO for four days on this farm.

  3. Our team will post a wallet address on our social channels

    1. Telegram.

    2. Twitter.

    3. Discord.

  4. The tester user will send the rewards received to our address.

  5. Our team will return the same amount to the tester user's wallet in mainnet ALGOs.