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Yield Farming FAQ

1. What Are The Benefits of Yield Farming?

At Humble, Yield Farms incentivize investors to stake their tokens and provide liquidity to any desired protocol in exchange for rewards in cryptocurrency.


2. How Do Farm Rewards Work?

The farm creator is responsible for:

  • Defining the reward volume.

  • Defining the farm duration.

  • Funding the reward pool of the farm.

These rewards are emitted every block and can be in an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) token, Algorands (ALGO), or a pair of ASA and ALGO.

Farms can be available to be staked in a Standard or a Liquidity Pool Token -- chosen by the farm creator. Once the staking token has been set, all participants need to stake that token to receive rewards.

After staking, you will receive rewards based on a ratio of stake volume to time. The higher the staked value and the longer the duration of your stake, the higher your rewards.


3. How Frequently Can I Claim My Farm Rewards?

You can harvest your rewards as soon as they become available. Your reward rate doesn't depend on the harvesting time or frequency.

In summary, the rewards:

  • Are emitted every block (~4.3 seconds interval).

  • Are immediately available to be claimed after emission.

  • Can be claimed as often as the user likes.


4. Are There Fees For Staking?

The staking user will incur fees, but they will not go to Humble. The applicable fees for Yield Farms on our platform are the Algorand network transaction fees only.

The only fee you would pay for staking on any farm on our platform is the same as any smart contract interaction on Algorand.

When you unstake your tokens, you will return the total amount you staked initially minus the network transaction fees (the current network transaction fee is ~USD 0.00032).


5. How Long Does a Yield Farm Last?

A Yield Farm becomes available as the creator determines. This can last for a few days to months. Once a yield farm is live, you can see how many days are left until rewards are issued.

You can still claim your rewards after a farm is closed. At any time, go to the ended farms tab to see if you have any rewards available for claiming.


6. Can I Unstake My Funds From a Farm?

Yes. You can remove your staked tokens in a given yield farm at any time. Every unstaking operation triggers automatic rewards harvesting, so you don't forget to collect them after you withdraw your staked funds.


7. How Is APR Calculated? Is APR Real?

APR is the percentage of your initial staking you will receive back after a projected timeframe of 365 days. As a pool's volume and shares change, it will automatically impact the APR. Therefore, APRs tend to lower as your share of the pool decrease. Treat the APR as a momentaneous snapshot under specific circumstances.

8. What If I am The Only Person In the Farm?

Rewards are distributed per block, so if you allow it to sit there you'll see your rewards increase depending on your percentage of the farm. If there is only one staker they will receive all the rewards

9. While participating in a farm do I earn the pool percentage also or just the farm percentage?

You will receive the pool percent as well. That portion isn't claimable like a farm, and is automatically included in the balance.